Yoga is an ancient guide to healthy living, developed by ancient Indian sages.

Yoga takes a holistic approach to life, enabling you to experience complete equilibrium inside and out.

You can have calmness of mind at all times by the practice of yoga, bring your body, mind and spirit into better balance: combining the practices helps the emotional, intellectual, and physical aspects of your life to develop in harmony.

The eight steps of Hata Yoga

1 YAMA Live a life of non-violence and truthfulness.

2 NIYAMA It advocates external and internal cleanliness, contentment, self-discipline, study of spiritual literature. Together Yama and Niyama form a moral code of ethical conduct.

3 ASANA The third step relates to posture. Asana prepares the body for the meditative poses.

4 PRANAYAMA The fourth step concerns control of prana (energy life). It includes practising breath retention.

5 DHARANA Concentration: in this step the mind is fixed on an imaginary or real object to the meditation, excluding the other thoughts.

6 DHYANA Meditation: an uninterrupted flow of thought waves

7 SAMADHI The final step: the mind is absorbed into Absolute Consciousness, in every life situation.

The Yogi succeeds by cheerfulness, perseverance, courage, true knowledge, firm belief in the words of the guru, and by abandoning bad company. – I 16 , Hata Yoga Pradipika –

Practising Yoga helps the body to find its natural balance and teaches the mind to be a responsible and intelligent driver of the body.

The five elements

Traditional yogic texts describe the body as a “food sheath” – anayamaya kosha– made up of five elements. We maintain health by constantly adjusting the body to bring it into harmony with these five elements.



On 2 June from 9 am to 19 pm

Open day Centro velico l’Atollo, Lungomare Enea 14/a Lavinio.

Good time for: Letting go, harmonizing relationship, self-nourishment and connecting with Nature

In Partnership with Surfbeatschool

For info and booking +39 349 5040912

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