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Who is the expert brain? How does he shape the brain? The passion shapes the brain.

An expert brain learns, acts, innovates. He/She has ability to create hight skills and deforms  the mind positively.

An expert brain has a higher oxygen and metabolic consumption than our basic structure, and, consequently, its brain must deform to respond to this ability.

“ The neural plasticity increases thanks to work that can make our brain an expert brain”

 – Antonio Cerasa Psychologist and CNR Researcher

They work faster and under stress than the other people, 365 days a year.

The brain transforms to survive stress, and the transformation makes it more efficient.

For this reason the passion shapes the brain in positive way.

The “Psychology today” has explained how the mindfulness makes you happier:

The positive thinking

The positive thinking can improve your health and stop the negative self talk to reduce the stress. Is your glass half -empty or half- full? The answer will reflect your outlook on life, your attitude toward yourself, and it may even effect your health.

The health benefits of this mindset include :

Increase lifetime, lower rates of depression, lower level of distress, better cardiovascular health, better psychological and physical well being , greater resistance to the common cold.

Positive thinking
positive thinking

Each of us can become un expert brain, throught the positive stress and the suffering, and we can shape the brain.

Suffering is beneficial for the survival. When I fell pain I’ll form a neuronal response to adapt yourself, it create a new neurons in adults.

Pain, creativity, stress, outside environment contribute to improve the intellect.

The hight skills are linked to the action. If a cognitive learning we combine motor activity we’ll get  better.

We should connect pleasure and work to making networks and become expert brain!

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