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HARA in Sanskrit means breath of life, transformation, symbol of change and unbound joy. So this is why HARA Project.

We are professional holistic teachers, specialized in Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda and Face Yoga. We work every day to promote wellbeing, body and mind. We organize events, courses, workshops and retreats to build a new idea of culture, relationships and lifestyle.

Our vision at HARA is the promote a holistic and spiritual life, consciously responsible with Nature and with our Community. Our values are respect and modesty, simplicity, celebration through music and art, the cordiality between human relationship and the common benefit of our Community.

The sharing and celebration of a new way of creating entrepreneurial value that can no longer be separated from the relationship Man/ Nature.

HARA offers physical, emotional, sensual, and wellbeing experiences: Yin Yoga, Meditation and Face Yoga

The chemistry of Happiness

Serotonin, Dopamine, Endorphin, Oxytocin. How to hack yours with  meditation,  self care activities, exercise, compliments and trust.

The power of energy

Every individual and every society has their own flow of conscience which in turn contributes in defining the history and the collective unconscious of an era. It’s not easy for an individual to perceive and conceptualize it in their everyday life, yet this continuous flow exists within us.

Through its varied means, technology has highlighted the speed of our life and imagination. It presents a simulation of reality which, for the first time, urges us to face our awareness of change both within and around us

The new mind ecology

The new challenge awaiting in the future is to rethink and re-articulate our mental ecology.

This change forces us to sift through a new physical and mental space. It makes us take a step outside our comfort zone in order to mediate between what we perceive to be the fundamental values of our personality and what could compliment or contrast them, thereby creating limitless possibilities.  

A journey towards our Evolution.

Are you in? http://www.haraproject.it

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